Virtual Team Building Activities (2023)

Virtual Team Building Activities (1)

In today’s world, remote work has become increasingly common, and with it comes the challenge of keeping teams engaged and connected while working from different locations. Enter virtual team building activities: a great way to foster team bonding, encourage collaboration and creativity, and have fun with your colleagues, no matter where they are.

At their best, virtual team building activities can help remote employees build stronger relationships, develop better communication skills, and improve morale. Whether you’re looking to break the ice with a new team, keep your current team engaged and connected, or just inject some fun into your workday, there’s a virtual team building activity out there for you.

To help you get started, we’ve compiled a list of 52 fun virtual team building activities and ideas that you can try with your remote team. From virtual scavenger hunts and online games to group challenges and social events, there’s something for everyone on this list. These team building ideas for remote teams are not only fun and engaging, but they can also help improve communication, foster collaboration and increase productivity.

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Whether you’re managing a remote team or just looking for ways to improve team morale, these activities are sure to be a hit with your team.

Virtual Team Building Activities with Icebreakers

1. Two Truths and a Lie

This classic icebreaker game is perfect for remote teams. Each team member shares three statements about themselves, two of which are true, and one that is a lie. The rest of the team has to guess which statement is the lie. This game is not only a great way to learn more about your team members, but it’s also a fun and engaging way to break the ice.

2. The Name Game

This virtual team building activity is an excellent way to help team members learn each other’s names. Each team member chooses a word that starts with the same letter as their first name, and the rest of the team has to come up with adjectives that describe the chosen word. For example, if your name is Sarah, you could choose the word “Sunny” as your word. The rest of the team could then come up with adjectives like “Sweet” or “Spirited” to describe the word.

3. Desert Island

In this team building idea, each team member shares which three items they would bring with them if they were stranded on a desert island. The rest of the team has to guess why they chose those items and what they would use them for. This activity is a great way to get to know your team members on a deeper level and to see how they approach problem-solving.

4. Pet Show-and-Tell

Host a virtual pet show-and-tell where team members can show off their pets to each other. This activity is a great way to bond over shared love for pets and encourage socialization.

Virtual Team Building Activities (2)

Virtual Team Building Activities with Food and Beverage

5. Virtual Happy Hour

One of the most beloved team building activities at the traditional office is going out with coworkers after clocking for happy hour. How can you replicate that with a remote team? Virtual team building activity company Unboxed Experiences has run thousands of virtual happy hour events for all types of organizations, large and small.

These virtual happy hours deliver beer and wine kits to team members all over the country. Everyone gets on a live virtual event to go through a beer or wine tasting complete with snacks and entertainment. With everyone together for a drink, it feels like you’re out enjoying happy hour together at a bar.

6. Virtual Cocktail Hour

Virtual cocktail hour is a fun and engaging way to bring your team together. You can use a platform like Zoom or Google Meet to host a virtual happy hour and have team members share their favorite cocktail recipes.

7. Virtual Cooking Class

Virtual cooking class is a fun and interactive way to encourage teamwork and collaboration. You can use a platform like Zoom or Google Meet to host a virtual cooking class and have team members cook together.

Pro tip: Want to learn more about virtual cooking classes? Check out our blog on Virtual Cooking Classes for Team Building.

8. Online Charcuterie Class

Looking for a less messy alternative to virtual cooking classes? Virtual charcuterie board classes are a great way to get the same culinary experience as cooking classes but without needing a lot of equipment or a heat source. Check out the Charcuterie Board Experience for a delectable virtual team building event that teaches everyone how to build stunning charcuterie boards from a tasting kit.

9. Coffee Tasting

Virtual coffee tasting is a fun and engaging way to bring your team together. You can order a variety of coffee beans and have team members taste and rate each one during a virtual coffee tasting.

10. Virtual Wine Tasting

Bring a wine tasting home to your virtual employees! Virtual wine tastings are a fantastic way to get your team together for a boozy and classy time. Wine tasting and pairing events are great to celebrate just about any occasion, but it’s particularly fun to just sit back, relax and enjoy some glasses of wine with your whole team.

Learn more about virtual wine tastings and book your own event here.

Collaborative Virtual Team Building Activities

11. Virtual Scavenger Hunt

A virtual scavenger hunt is a fun and engaging way to encourage collaboration among team members. Divide your team into smaller groups and assign them a list of items to find around their homes. The first team to complete the list wins.

12. Virtual Escape Room

A virtual escape room is an exciting way to challenge your team members’ problem-solving skills. There are many online escape rooms available that you can use to create a fun and engaging team building activity.

13. Online Team Trivia

Online team trivia is a great way to encourage collaboration and teamwork. You can use a platform like Kahoot or Quizlet to create your own trivia game or find pre-made quizzes online.

14. Virtual Lunch-and-Learn

Host a virtual lunch-and-learn where team members can eat their lunch while learning about a new topic related to your industry or team members’ interests. This activity is a great way to encourage learning, team bonding and discussion.

Fun Virtual Team Building Activities

15. Virtual Pictionary

Pictionary is a classic game that is perfect for remote teams. Divide your team into smaller groups and have them take turns drawing pictures while the rest of the team tries to guess what they are drawing.

16. Karaoke

Online karaoke is a fun and lighthearted way to boost team morale. Use a platform like Zoom or Google Meet to host a virtual karaoke night.

Virtual Team Building Activities (4)

17. Online Bingo

Let’s face it, bingo is a fun and easy way to bring your team together. You can create your own bingo cards or use a free platform to generate cards.

18. Virtual Murder Mystery

A virtual murder mystery game is a particularly cheeky avenue to bring your team together to challenge their critical thinking skills. Each member is assigned a character and works together to solve the mystery. You can find pre-made games on websites like Hunt A Killer or create your own using a platform like Cluedupp.

19. Virtual Game Tournament

Host a virtual game tournament and bring out the competitive spirit of your team. You can select a variety of games like Among Us, Mario Kart or Chess and have the team compete in different brackets. You can create your own tournament brackets using websites like Challonge.

20. Virtual Board Games

Host a virtual board game night with your team. You can play classic games like Monopoly, Risk or Settlers of Catan on websites like Tabletopia.

Educational Team Building Activities

21. Travel Tour

Team members can explore a new place together, such as a museum, a city or a national park. This activity is a great way to encourage learning, team bonding and exploration.

22. Virtual Museum Tour

Go on a virtual museum tour where team members can explore a museum exhibit together and discuss what they learned. This activity is a great way to encourage learning, team bonding and cultural awareness.

Virtual Team Building Activities to Improve Communication

23. Blind Drawing

Blind drawing is a fun and interactive way to encourage communication among team members. Divide your team into pairs and have one team member describe an object while the other team member tries to draw it without seeing it.

24. Storytelling

Storytelling is a great way to encourage creativity and communication. Divide your team into smaller groups and have them take turns telling stories about a pre-selected topic, like travel, inspirational moments or embarrassing high school stories.

25. One-Word Story

“One-word story” is a fun and challenging way to encourage communication and collaboration. Start a story with one word and have each team member add one word at a time until the story is complete.

Problem Solving Activities

26. Puzzle Race

An online puzzle race is a fun and engaging way to encourage problem-solving skills. Divide your team into smaller groups and have them race to complete a puzzle.

27. Virtual Codebreaker

Codebreaker is a challenging team building activity that encourages problem-solving and critical thinking. Use an online platform like Riddle Me This to create your own codes and puzzles.

28. The Marshmallow Challenge

Divide your team into smaller groups and give them 20 minutes to build the tallest tower they can using only spaghetti noodles, tape, and a marshmallow. This is a fun and engaging way to encourage problem-solving and teamwork.

Team Building Activities for Creative Types

29. Virtual Paint Night

Grab some brushes and an easel for a night of collaborative painting! You can use a platform like Zoom or Google Meet to host a virtual painting party.

Virtual Team Building Activities (5)

30. Virtual Charades

Divide your team into smaller groups and have them take turns acting out words and phrases while the rest of the team tries to guess what they are.

31. Virtual Art Jamming

Get creative with a virtual art jamming session. Each member can be provided with an art kit or they can use their own materials to create their masterpiece. You can use a platform like Paint Nite to organize a session.

32. Virtual Songwriting Session

A virtual songwriting session is a great way to encourage creativity and collaboration within your team. Each member can contribute their ideas and lyrics to create a group song. You can use a program like Garageband to mix the final masterpiece.

33. Virtual Photography Challenge

Each member can be given a theme or subject and challenged to take the best photo. A virtual photography challenge is a fun way to encourage creativity and inspire your team to explore their surroundings. You can use platforms like Instagram or Flickr to share the photos and vote on the winner.

34. Virtual Music Performance

Hire a virtual musician or band to perform for your team during a virtual meeting. This activity is a great way to introduce your team to new music and bond over a shared love of music.

35. Virtual DIY Workshop

Host a virtual DIY workshop where team members can learn how to make something together, such as a piece of furniture or a home decor item. This activity is a great way to encourage creativity, learning and teamwork.

Funny Team Building Ideas

36. Virtual Comedy Night

Hire a virtual comedian to perform for your team during a virtual meeting. This activity is a great way to relax and bond over laughter.

37. Virtual Improv Workshop

Bring in a virtual improv coach to lead an improv workshop for your team. The coach will provide instruction and games for team members to play together. This activity is a great way to encourage creativity and teamwork.

Physical Team Building Activities

38. Virtual Yoga Class

Virtual yoga class is a fun and relaxing way to encourage physical activity and mindfulness. You can use a platform like Zoom or Google Meet to host a virtual yoga class.

Virtual Team Building Activities (6)

39. Virtual Dance Party

Hop on Zoom or Google Meet to host a virtual dance party and have team members share their favorite dance moves. A dance party is a fun and energetic way to get your team moving.

Learning and Development Activities

40. Virtual Book Club

It has been shown that book clubs can encourage learning and personal growth among employee groups, so bring one to your remote workplace. You can choose a book to read together as a team and have regular virtual meetings to discuss the book.

41. Virtual Skill Share

Virtual skill share is a fun and interactive way to encourage learning and personal development. Each team member can share a skill or hobby they have and teach the rest of the team how to do it.

Virtual Team Building Ideas for Social Impact

42. Virtual Volunteering

Studies have shown that groups who volunteer for community service see increased levels of bonding, as well as reduced stress levels. Bring your team together for a positive impact in their respective communities. You can find virtual volunteering opportunities on websites like VolunteerMatch and Idealist.

43. Fundraisers

Virtual fundraisers are a great way to raise money for a cause your team cares about. You can use a platform like GoFundMe or CrowdRise to set up a virtual fundraiser and encourage team members to donate and share the fundraiser with their networks.

Virtual Team Building Activities for Stress Relief

44. Virtual Guided Meditation

Virtual guided meditation is an engaging and relaxing way to encourage stress relief and mindfulness. Some virtual team events like the have meditation and mindfulness exercises baked into the remote team building activity.

45. DIY spa day

Encourage your team to take a break from work and treat themselves to a spa day. Provide suggestions for things like face masks, essential oils, and relaxing music. You can also organize a video call where your team can chat while they pamper themselves.

46. Stress ball making

Making your own stress balls can be a fun and creative way to relieve tension. You can purchase materials like balloons and sand from a craft store, and then follow a tutorial to make the stress balls together as a team.

Remote Team Building Activities for Wellness

47. Virtual Fitness Challenge

A virtual fitness challenge is a great way to encourage wellness and healthy competition within your team. You can select a fitness challenge like a virtual 5k or a step challenge and have the team track their progress on a fitness app like Strava or Fitbit.

48. Virtual Yoga or Pilates Class

Host a virtual yoga or Pilates class to promote wellness and mindfulness among your team. You can use a platform like Glo to host the class.

49. Virtual Wellness Workshop

Hold a virtual wellness workshop where you can invite a guest speaker to talk about various topics like nutrition, stress management, and mental health. You can use platforms like Zoom or Google Meet to host the workshop.

50. Virtual Nature Walks

Spending time in nature can reduce stress levels and improve overall well-being. Consider creating a virtual nature scavenger hunt where employees have to find and photograph certain items in nature, such as a flower, a bird, or a rock formation. This activity promotes mindfulness and encourages employees to take a break from their screens.

Virtual Team Building Activities (8)

51. Self-Care Workshops

Host virtual self-care workshops where employees can learn about self-care practices and techniques. Provide employees with resources and tools to help them incorporate self-care into their daily routines.

52. Virtual Laughter Yoga

Laughter yoga is a new trend that has been shown to reduce stress levels and improve overall well-being among participants. Bring in a laughter yoga instructor to lead your team on a session and provide some entertainment. This activity promotes physical activity and helps employees relieve stress and boost their mood.

Pro tip: Interested in learning more about virtual wellness activities? Check out our Employee Wellness Program Tool Kit blog for tips and ideas.


In the modern office, virtual team building activities are becoming more and more essential to keeping remote workers connected and engaged. From online games to virtual happy hours, there are plenty of fun and creative ways to bring your team together, regardless of their physical location.

Through our list of more than 50 remote team building activities and ideas, we hope you have found inspiration for your team to work better together, improve communication and collaboration, and ultimately, increase productivity. By incorporating these activities into your team’s routine, you can strengthen relationships, build trust, and create a more positive work environment.

Remember, the key to successful virtual team building is to have fun, encourage participation, and adapt to the unique needs and preferences of your team members. Try out these virtual team building activities and ideas and watch as your team becomes more connected, productive, and successful.

FAQs about Virtual Team Building Activities

Q: What are some of the benefits of virtual team building activities?
A: Team building for remote teams can help foster better communication, collaboration, and teamwork among remote team members. They can also promote employee engagement, boost morale, and increase productivity.

Q: What are some of the most popular team building ideas for remote teams?
A: Some of the most popular virtual team building activities include virtual happy hours, virtual scavenger hunts, virtual escape rooms, and virtual team-building games.

Q: How can I ensure the success of my virtual team building activities?
A: To ensure the success of your virtual team building activities, it’s important to:

  • Set clear objectives and goals for each activity
  • Choose activities that are appropriate for your team’s size, interests, and preferences
  • Provide clear instructions and guidelines for each activity
  • Use technology and software that is easy to use and accessible for all team members
  • Allow for flexibility and adaptability in case of technical difficulties or scheduling conflicts
  • Encourage participation and engagement from all team members
  • Follow up with feedback and evaluation to assess the effectiveness of the activity and make improvements for future ones.

Q: What are some tips for hosting a successful virtual team building activity?
A: Some tips for hosting a successful virtual team building activity include:

  • Choosing activities that are fun and engaging for your team
  • Planning ahead and providing clear instructions and guidelines
  • Using technology and software that is user-friendly and accessible for all team members
  • Encouraging participation and engagement from all remote workers
  • Being flexible and adaptable in case of technical difficulties or scheduling conflicts
  • Providing opportunities for team members to connect and socialize outside of work-related tasks.


Virtual Team Building Activities? ›

Icebreaker questions are simple prompts you can use to make virtual meetings more fun. For example, you might ask “what is your name, role and favorite weird salad ingredient?” These icebreakers provide opportunities for attendees to share more about themselves, and to build connections and relationships.

How to do team building activities online? ›

List of virtual team building activities
  1. Online Office Games (Hosted Event) ...
  2. Gingerbread Wars (Holiday Favorite) ...
  3. Virtual Team Building Bingo. ...
  4. Virtual Team Building Icebreakers (Easy) ...
  5. 50 States Challenge. ...
  6. Lightning Scavenger Hunt Activities. ...
  7. Tree or Bob Ross. ...
  8. Blackout Truth or Dare.

What games can you play virtually on teams? ›

From Guess Who to scavenger hunts to truth or dare, here is a list of fun games to play on Microsoft Teams.
  • Microsoft Teams Bingo. ...
  • Espionage! ...
  • Just A Darn Fun Event. ...
  • Microsoft Teams Trivia. ...
  • Together Mode Guess Who? ...
  • Who Scavenger Hunts. ...
  • Microsoft Teams Family Feud. ...
  • Microsoft Teams Pictionary.
Feb 26, 2023

How do you bond with team virtually? ›

Tips for Building a Virtual Bond with Your Remote Team
  1. Adapt your Leadership Style.
  2. Schedule Regular Check-Ins.
  3. Make an Effort to Get to Know Your Team Members.
  4. Plan Virtual Team Building.
  5. Use The Right Tools.
  6. Encourage Recognition.
  7. Connect Team Members that Usually Don't Work Together.
Aug 13, 2022

How do you spice up a virtual team meeting? ›

Icebreaker questions are simple prompts you can use to make virtual meetings more fun. For example, you might ask “what is your name, role and favorite weird salad ingredient?” These icebreakers provide opportunities for attendees to share more about themselves, and to build connections and relationships.

What virtual games on Zoom for team building? ›

Our favourite Zoom games to keep your employees engaged
  • Lightening scavenger hunt. Lightening scavenger hunts are a tried and true favourite for company team building events. ...
  • Guess the emoji board. ...
  • Virtual coffee breaks. ...
  • Online murder mystery. ...
  • Company game show. ...
  • Charades. ...
  • The drawing challenge. ...
  • Online office debates.

What are fun activities for team email? ›

Activities emails: Team building activities emails incorporate team exercises such as trivia, scavenger hunts, or photo swaps. Bonding emails: Team bonding emails aim to help teammates get to know each other better by sharing thoughts and stories or answering virtual icebreaker questions.

How do you improve team morale virtually? ›

9 ways to maintain staff morale in a remote work environment
  1. Stay connected. ...
  2. Keep the company's vision and message clear at all times. ...
  3. Recognition is key. ...
  4. Make sure it's not 'all work and no play' ...
  5. Keep learning and development as a priority. ...
  6. Show how much you care. ...
  7. Ask for feedback. ...
  8. Encourage real breaks.

What are virtual activities? ›

Virtual activities require team members to take part remotely, using technology such as virtual meeting software, online chat, or instant messaging.

How do you engage teams in a virtual environment? ›

Here are some ways to maintain your company culture and make your virtual staff feel like they're truly part of the team.
  1. Encourage health and wellness. ...
  2. Host virtual meetings and casual hangouts. ...
  3. Make sure employees feel heard and valued. ...
  4. Foster personal connections. ...
  5. Keep the lines of communication open.
Feb 21, 2023

How can I make my remote work fun? ›

20 remote team building activities to try
  1. Create a virtual break room. ...
  2. Start doing tours of remote working location. ...
  3. Hold virtual company events. ...
  4. Start a 'good news' conversation. ...
  5. Encourage recognition. ...
  6. Set friendly challenges. ...
  7. Introduce 'show and learn' sessions. ...
  8. Send 'daily snapshots'

What are some Zoom games you can play? ›

As for a few specific ideas, truth or dare, karaoke, word games, a bingo game, Never Have I Ever, Guess Who, cards against humanity, and pictionary can all be done over Zoom.

What is the heads up game on teams? ›

You can play Heads Up! on teams or individually. The fun comes from thinking of witty hints to help the phone-holder say the correct name. When they guess correctly, they flip the phone down and score points. The goal is to correctly guess as many terms as possible in one minute.

How do you reward team members virtually? ›

36+ Employee Reward Examples and Ideas for Remote Teams
  1. Offer Varied Work Schedule. ...
  2. Invest in Their Professional Development. ...
  3. Give Out Company Swag. ...
  4. Encourage Peer-to-Peer Recognition. ...
  5. Leave a Thank-You Note in the Mail. ...
  6. Write a LinkedIn Recommendation. ...
  7. Give a Gym Subscription. ...
  8. Give Time Off for Personal Development.

How do I make my team feel more connected? ›

12 Ways to Create a More Connected Workplace
  1. Create peer mentorship programs.
  2. Set up communities of practice.
  3. Ensure that all employees feel comfortable.
  4. Introduce an Employee Recognition Center.
  5. Keep information flowing throughout the company.
  6. Set up communities of interest.
  7. Host regular social events for employees.

What are the 7 steps to make a strong virtual team? ›

How to Build a Strong Virtual Team in 7 Steps
  1. Create A Social Space.
  2. Be a Videoholic.
  3. Pick the Right Tools.
  4. Create a Great Remote Policy.
  5. Find Your Movement Groove.
  6. Recommend Shortcuts.
  7. Avoid The Pitfalls.
  8. Bonus: Start, Stop, Continue.

How do you start a fun team meeting? ›

8 team bonding activities to make your regular staff meetings fun
  1. Show and tell. For a fun way to move into your next meeting, try a quick round of show and tell. ...
  2. Caption contest. ...
  3. Play “would you rather?” ...
  4. Best backdrop contest. ...
  5. Guess the location. ...
  6. Joke of the day. ...
  7. Scavenger hunt. ...
  8. Guess the picture.
Jan 12, 2023

How do you play 20 questions on Zoom? ›

Once you are on the call, take turns playing 20 questions with each student getting a set number of questions to ask before the next one gets their turn. Once a student asks all their questions, they are out. Whoever guesses what is in it, wins the item. Change the discussion to make it appropriate for your game.

How do you play heads up virtually? ›

How to play Heads Up: Jump into a Zoom meeting and open the app - check! One player will be chosen to guess the words on the screen as the other players excitedly shout out clues.

How do you create a fun team environment? ›

How to create a fun but productive work environment
  1. Trade “forced fun” for organized fun. Your team members are individuals with different personalities and interests. ...
  2. Foster a positive environment. ...
  3. Encourage quick, fun breaks. ...
  4. Share meals. ...
  5. Build rapport. ...
  6. Choose your own adventure. ...
  7. Create challenges and embrace gamification.

How do you create a positive work environment virtually? ›

FAQ on Positive Work Environments
  1. Communicate expectations and goals clearly.
  2. Provide constructive feedback that is consistent with the goals and expectations.
  3. Supply the tools and platform necessary to meet expectations.
  4. Host virtual events to bring a sense of fun and positivity to the workplace.

What makes a virtual team successful? ›

By carefully positioning the right team members, onboarding new members effectively, establishing clear goals, practicing strong communication skills, and cultivating cultures of trust, virtual teams can, in many cases, perform better than in-office ones.

What are examples of virtual events? ›

The most common virtual events that companies create include virtual trade shows, virtual job fairs, virtual sales-meetings, company-wide gatherings, or virtual summits.

How do you make remote employees feel valued? ›

15 Ways to Create a Remote Work Environment Where Employees Feel Valued – HR Affiliates Blog
  1. Say Thank You. ...
  2. Communicate Frequently. ...
  3. Recognize Birthdays and Work Anniversaries. ...
  4. Host Virtual Team-building Events. ...
  5. Set Clear Expectations. ...
  6. Be Flexible with Working Hours. ...
  7. Introduce New Team Members. ...
  8. Challenge Your Employees.

How do you play remote work bingo? ›

Remote work bingo is when you use a virtual bingo card. The card is full of common occurrences or activities for remote work. When one of these events happens, you mark the slot with an x. Your objective is to black out one straight horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line.

How do I maintain team spirit remotely? ›

Here are 10 virtual team-building strategies you can use to boost collaboration and comradery:
  1. Schedule watercooler breaks. ...
  2. Set up ice breaker activities. ...
  3. Remote office Live Stream. ...
  4. Virtual Happy Hour. ...
  5. Virtual Scavenger Hunt. ...
  6. Personality assessments for the workplace. ...
  7. Challenge remote employees. ...
  8. Lunch and learn sessions.

How do you play 5 things? ›

Ask each child to make a list of 5 things that make them feel silly, 5 things that make them feel grown up, 5 things that make them feel angry, 5 things that make them feel smart. There's no end to the lists that can be created. And there's no better opening for dialogue with kids!

What fun crafts can you do over Zoom? ›

Options include things like book page paper flowers, pumpkins or stuffed animals made from socks, string art, yarn wrapped cardboard letters, a clothespin wreath or even an adorable cactus garden made from rocks!

What lockdown games can you play over Zoom? ›

3 board games to play on Zoom
  • Trivial Pursuit. This is a great game to play over Zoom as all you need is for one person to own the board. ...
  • Pictionary. Pictionary is perhaps one of the best options for family games online. ...
  • Codenames. Codenames is another easily adapted board game to play via Zoom.

What family games can you play over Zoom? ›

List of online family games
  1. Digital Scavenger Hunts. Digital scavenger hunts make fun virtual party games for families because they get players up and moving. ...
  2. Online Trivia. Trivia is one of the easiest games to play with your family on Zoom. ...
  3. Family Bingo. ...
  4. Jeopardy. ...
  5. Family Feud. ...
  6. Minute to Win It. ...
  7. Pictionary. ...
  8. Scattergories.
Feb 26, 2023

How do you play 21 questions? ›

Each player has to answer a set of 21 questions. To make things more interesting, the players can divide the questions and allocate points to each. The person who answers them all wins. If you gather more than two people to play, all the other players get to ask you a question from the list as per their wish.

How do you play Heads Up thumbs down? ›

Heads up, seven up (sometimes called Thumbs up, seven up or Heads down or Heads down Thumbs up) is a game where each selected participant with their hands raised has to guess who tapped their heads. It is played traditionally in elementary schools.

What does thumbs up mean in teams? ›

Participants of Microsoft Teams meetings can now use emoji such as thumbs up, heart, applause, laugh or hands up. A new Reactions icon in the control bar replaces the Raise hand icon. Anyone in the meeting can click an emoji to react to what someone's saying or to the content being shared on the screen.

What virtual activities can you do? ›

Best Virtual Team Building Activities
  • Virtual Icebreaker Quizzes. Participants: 3 - 1000+ ...
  • Virtual Escape Rooms. ...
  • Virtual Murder Mysteries. ...
  • Virtual Live Multiplayer Trivia. ...
  • Pulse Employee Engagement Quiz. ...
  • Virtual Personality Testing. ...
  • Virtual Scavenger Hunt. ...
  • Virtual City Tour.
Mar 14, 2023

What are virtual teams examples? ›

For example, perhaps managers regularly meet and exchange ideas online, yet rarely meet in person. Or, a project leader may form a team of international employees to work on a special assignment from their respective parts of the world.

How do you entertain someone virtually? ›

cocktail party:
  1. spa night: Any time my mom and I meet up, we love to have a spa night. ...
  2. movie night: Twice a month, my mom and I take turns picking a movie. ...
  3. game night: ...
  4. video games: ...
  5. escape room: ...
  6. cooking together: ...
  7. book club: ...
  8. exercise class:
Feb 28, 2021

How do you celebrate staff virtually? ›

Virtual team celebration ideas
  1. Themed lunch. Perfect for welcoming a new member to the team or catching up with a small group of colleagues over a video call. ...
  2. Chocolate-making class. ...
  3. Murder Mystery. ...
  4. Online Escape Rooms. ...
  5. Cocktail-making class. ...
  6. Crafting. ...
  7. A themed quiz about a specific person. ...
  8. A virtual happy hour or catch-up.
Nov 7, 2022

What are the top 5 online activities? ›

Email use is the most popular internet activity
Watching video content from sharing services68
Social networking69
Seeking health related information66
Listening to music59
6 more rows

What is the 5 second rule game team building? ›

Students are given a category and have five seconds to name three things that fit into that category. It may sound easy - but it can DEFINITELY be a challenge and will sure to spur lots of classroom inside jokes.

What are the five behaviors for virtual teams? ›

The five behaviors of a cohesive team—trust, conflict, commitment, accountability, and results—remain the same.

What is the 5 things game on Zoom? ›

Five Things is an improv game you can play over Zoom to encourage team building. Here is how to play: Name a topic and a person. That person has 15 seconds to name five specific items within the topic.

How do you play 30 seconds virtually? ›

For thirty seconds, players act out their words simultaneously. For the remaining thirty seconds, participants type out their answers. When time is up, players send the responses in the chat. Players get points for each correct answer, or the team with the most correct answers earns one point.

How do you engage coworkers virtually? ›

14 Unique Virtual Employee Engagement Ideas
  1. Virtual Murder Mystery. Connecting remote teams is a really tough job to undertake. ...
  2. Solve Puzzles With Remote Teams. ...
  3. Virtual Rewards And Recognition. ...
  4. Virtual Water Cooler Activities. ...
  5. Themed Days. ...
  6. Remove Unnecessary Team Meetings. ...
  7. Allow Frequent Breaks. ...
  8. Give Time Off.
Mar 16, 2023

How do you incentivize employees virtually? ›

  1. How can you motivate remote employees? ...
  2. Provide Your Team With the Right Tools. ...
  3. Foster a Growth Mindset. ...
  4. Introduce an Employee Recognition Program. ...
  5. Invest Your Time in Building Trust. ...
  6. Communication Is Key. ...
  7. Use Survey Tools to Gauge Motivation. ...
  8. Talk About Adaptive Performance.
Jan 16, 2023


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